MMWTA Mothers Milk WTA

253 Auburn Way

San Jose CA 95129



  • Identification of the product covered by this certific:


  1. Liquid for electronic cigarette vaporizers (e-Liquid)

Name of Company: MMWTA MothersMilk WTA

Name of Lines: MMWTA Mothers Milk WTA, Vapid Vapor, Sealth Vapor, ADV Anyday Vapor, Astral Vapes, Hooked Up Vapor, Clean Room Vapor, Day Vapor, Etheric Vapor, ItsNoteliquid, King Clone Vapor, Poet Music WTA, Precision Mind Set, Tea Vapor, Whole Tobacco Alkaloids, WTA ecig, yogavape, yogert vape, yogert Vapes, Tobacco Alkaloids.

Flavor Names:

Unflavored, Tobacco, Blond Tobacco, Bold Tobacco, DIY, Clouds, Stealth, Menthol Tobacco, Special Tobacco, Laffy Taffy, blue dragon, black honey, fruit loopy,bold honey, strawberry, sweet tart, bold blueberry tobacco, Dragon series: strawberry Dragon, blueberry dragon, kiwi Dragon, banana Dragon, Pete’s Dragon, Bingo dragon, mango dragon, marshmallow Dragon, Red Hot Dragon, vanilla dragon, black honey tobacco, blueberry pie, leche flan, de mango dragon, Honey Dew, lemonade, Bannana grama, caramel apple, Mystic illusion, Why R 4, the dude clone TDC, bikini bottoms, kool bikini bottoms, top dead center strawberry cream, berries and cream, very Bubblegum, the BG, VBG Antidope, indulge, vanilla graham cracker, Skittles, Skidders, sour skittles, Victor scooters, straw Banner, pink sperm, toucans Reserve, pineapple, cream mango, lemonade days, creamy dragon, 8003, Pauline special tobacco, Captain crunchies, blueberry tobacco, vanilla custard graham cracker, Grand Dragon, lemonade, pink lemonade, blue lemonade, strawberry lemonade, cool lemonade, red dragon, blue dragon, pink dragon, White Dragon, yellow dragon, green dragon, vanilla dragon, yellow dragon, black honey tobacco, chocolate donut, frosted donut, caramel glazed donut, , blonde honey t leche flan, custard, special blend tobacco, French roast coffee, Red Hots , Chuck’s Red Hots sin, tobacco absolute, Menthol cool, research blend: Menthol Bold Special, tobacco, red blend, vanilla cupcake, wild blueberry, mild black honey, blueberry chai tea, black tea, sweet tea, green tea, Earl Grey, pie crus, t pumpkin pie, orange cream, Peach, watermelon dragon fruit, pineapple, banana ripe, banana, bubble gum, spearmint, juicy bubble, gum, butterscotch, chocolate, vanilla bean, double chocolate, plain chocolate, frosted donut , cheesecake, Bavarian cream, orange cream, lucky charmers, blueberry crunch, caramel candy, Turbo churro, Carmel, gummy candy, vanilla cupcake, blue raspberry, orange circle, cool bikini bottoms, jackfruit, red white and blue bird, blueberry candy, Blow Pop, Blue Blow Pop, red Blow Pop, green Blow Pop, French vanilla, rainbow sherbet, Jack Rabbit flavor, Greek yogurt, red yellow blue green white yogurt flavors, banana cream, red licorice, Watermelon candy, acai, cheesecake, grab the bull, Red Sea Girt, bear Crush, trick skirt, all the vapid Vapor flavors, kettle corn, cotton candy, unicorn milk, sweet Booth, rainbow shower, Rice Lispies.


Nicotine Levels: 0.0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2% 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, 36mg, 50mg

Bottle/Cap Description:

10ml PET, 15ml Amber Glass, 30ml PET, 60ml clear Glass, 60ml HDPE/PET 50ml HDPE/PET 100ml HDPE/PET 120ml HDPE/PET 250ml HDPE/PET, 500ml HDPE/PET, Flint Boston Round 15ml, 30 ml, 60ml, 120ml with Child Protective cap (Cap type/description)



  1. Citation to each CPSC product safety regulation to which this product is being certified:

16 CFR Title 16 Part 1110.11

16 CFR Title 16 Part 1700.15

16 CFR Title 16 Part 1700.11



  1. Identification of the U.S. importer or domestic manufacturer certifying compliance of

the product:

All final products are manufactured by MMWTA Mothers Milk WTA 253 Auburn Way San Jose CA 95129

Place where bottles were manufactured Bottle –Zhuoon Technology (Hong Kong) Co Limited Room 8516 Shifeng Bldg. Fuyong Town Baoan District, Shenzhen

Liquid – MMWTA 253 Auburn Way San Jose Ca 95129


  1. Contact information for the individual maintaining records of test results:

253 Auburn Way San Jose Ca 95129 Andrew Dyson 408 657 9262


  1. Place where this product was manufactured:

Place where bottles were manufactured Bottle – Shijing Town, Baiyun District Guangzhou, China

Liquid – MMWTA 253 Auburn Way San Jose Ca 95129


  1. Date and place where this product was tested for compliance with the regulation(s)


Testing conducted from June 21th 2016 – June 28th 2016

Third party testing by Bitner Associates Inc 1001 Forest Trail Sugar Grove, Ill 60554